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Melrose Top 25 Skills

  Skills Description Coaching Points
1 Push Pass With non-kicking foot even with ball and body leaning slightly forward, strike ball with inside of kicking foot. If the player's toes point up, the ball with stay down, which is usually desirable. Bend the knees, point the non-kicking foot toward the target, and be sure to have upper body leaning slightly forward.
2 Receive the Ball with Inside of Foot Raise receiving foot off of ground slightly, with toes pointing up. Cushion ball and play it off to either side of the body. It is better to control the ball off to the side of the body than to stop it dead, which helps the defense
3 Hold the Ball Using arms as "feelers" and using body as a shield, keep ball away from defending player. A player is allowed to use her arms to shield, usually as long as her elbows stay down. If player bends his knees, she will shield the defender from the ball much more effectively.
4 Instep Drive With non-kicking foot even with ball, strike ball with laces of kicking foot. In striking the ball, the knee of the kicking leg comes over the top of the ball. If the non-kicking foot is placed behind the ball, the shot will rise, particularly if the upper body leans back slightly.
5 Pullback Turn Place sole of foot on top of ball, pull ball back toward the body, and turn 180. Have players imagine two players trying to push the ball through each other; a pull back turn can be effective for getting out of traffic.
6 Dribble Inside/Outside Alternate using both sides of one foot, play ball forward, keeping it close to the body. Keeping the ball close is important if you don't want defenders to get it away from you. Also, make sure that your eyes constantly switch between the ball and the field.
7 Skip Step While dribbling the ball forward with your right foot, take a small hop forward. As you land on your left leg, you will "load up" your left leg like a spring. The skip step gives you the ability to explode suddenly to the left or to the right
8 Stop and Go While dribbling forward, do a skip step, and then stop the ball with the sole of the foot. Accelerate quickly forward, "popping" the ball forward with laces or instep Change of speed is an essential technique in attacking.
9 Fake Kick Plant non-kicking leg as if to execute a shot. Start kicking motion, but continue dribbling. The hope in executing a fake kick is that a defender will turn her back, or will turn sideways. Watch for the defender's reaction and pull the ball in another direction.
10 Chip the Ball Chip the ball over the head of an equal sized player standing two strides away. Feet are position similar to push pass, but upper body leans more forward. Strike underside of ball with a short, downward chopping motion.
11 Chest Trap To receive ball with chest, push chest forward, then allow chest to soften impact of ball, dropping to the ground on one side of body. As ball makes contact with a player's chest, his shoulders push forward, allowing chest to soften impact, creating a "catcher's mitt" to trap ball.
12 Chop Move Chop the ball across the body with inside of first foot, and push ball ahead with inside of the other foot. When a defensive player is rushing you, the ability to pull the ball in and play it to the side will allow you to escape pressure.
13 Little Toe Chop Using outside of one foot, turn ball in a complete circle. A player must bend her knees, and get body low to the ground in order to turn with speed and power.
14 Big Toe Chop Using inside of one foot, turn ball in a complete circle. Similar to above. This move can also be executed using the sole of the foot.
15 Pull the V Put sole of right foot on ball, and pull the ball back towards standing position. Using the right foot, play the ball across to the left foot. Play the ball ahead at a 45 angle with left foot. Another move for getting out of a traffic jam, and into clear space.
16 Pull the L Start with ball in front of you. Pull back just like the V move, and pass the ball behind your standing leg. Repeat with the other foot. Another way to get out of a traffic jam.
17 Head the Ball Strike ball with the top of the forehead, just at the hairline. Keep your eyes open as long as possible to track the ball. Typically, offensive players want to head the ball downward toward goal.
18 Step Over 180 Step over ball, turn 180 and take ball away with the outside of foot. A move for reversing the flow of play while keeping the body in a position to shield the ball from defenders.
19 Matthews Brush ball across body with inside of foot, push ball with outside of the same foot at a 45 angle. Don't play the ball too hard on the first touch you just need to get the defender leaning to one side before you accelerate off in the other.
20 Cruyff A fake kick combined with pulling the L. Fake a kick, then pull the ball behind your standing leg, and into space.  
21 Revelino This dribble fake is executed by stepping over the ball with the front foot, as if to play it with the inside of the that foot. Then play the ball away with the outside of the front foot, and accelerate away at a 45 angle. Similar to the Matthews, just without the actual first touch.
22 Hip Swivel As you approach a defender, swivel you hips, and swing your left foot around the front of the ball as though to cut to the left. Swivel your hips back to the right and play the ball forward. As you play the ball forward with the inside of your right foot, accelerate.
23 Maradona Play the ball forward toward the defender with your right foot. Spin your body so that your back is to the defender for a moment. As you spin, drag the ball with your right foot in a pull back motion so that you continue in the same direction you were going originally. The is not a move to try when the defender is in a position to tackle hard, as you will not be able to see him until you are lying on the ground !
24 Bicycle Kick With ball approaching you from behind, fall backwards into a backward roll. Extend both arms behind yourself to cushion your fall. Strike ball as your kicking leg swings over head. This is not a move to try in traffic, as a caution for dangerous play will be called. Some players recommend practicing the controlled fall on a mat, or some other padded material in order to get a feel for how to land well.
25 Rainbow Place one foot directly in front of ball, and with inside of the other foot, pull ball upward onto heel of front foot. Flick front leg upward, sending ball up and over your head.  

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